Giacomo | Online Studio

Welcome to Giacomo's On-line Art Studio!

For this, the fourth incarnation of my online studio, I've expanded beyond just showcasing my pin-up work (the Gal-ery) to include:

I'm also including some fun stuff, my bio & contact information, and some links to stuff I like.

Capturing the essence of sensual female beauty will always be my first love as an artist, and my collection of pin-up work is sure to remain the heart of this gallery for the foreseeable future, but I hope you'll enjoy the broader selection of work, as well.

Be warned: this site contains depictions of the unclothed female body alongside its other content. While the focus remains on "sensual" renderings rather than "sexual" renderings, and the site contains no depictions of explicit sexual activity, some viewers may still find such content offensive, or else be legally restrained from viewing such material.

By proceeding on into my gallery, you are confirming that you are of the age of legal consent for viewing nudity, and are under no other legal obligation to avoid such content. You are further confirming that you find the tasteful depiction of nudity in no way objectionable, and that if you decide your definition of tasteful conflicts with mine, you will exercise your freedom to leave the site rather than make an issue out of it.